Hi! My name is Fabio

Hey guys, my name is Fabio, I live in a beautiful country of south Europe: Italy. I am an Internet entrepreneur and I'm the founder of LifetimeCEO.

When I started this project at the age of 32, my mission was already clear: helping people of any age, from any country, with any background and experience level, in building their dream business online and finally gain the freedom to live their lives as they wish without depending on anyone.

Back then...my WHY

Do you ever feel like the life you are living, the job you are working at, your family situation are not exactly the kind that you were dreaming about?

At the time my parents had been going through financial hardships for several years and I wanted so bad to help them retire and live a better life but I felt powerless. There must be something I can do about it!

When I first came across Internet marketing, I was fresh of my master degree in computer engineering and I was working as a developer at a local company.

Everybody around me including my family thought me a fool..."you are an engineer, think about you career, that marketing stuff is just useless!" But deep inside of me, I knew I was meant for something bigger, something great.

I saw all those ordinary, everyday guys, with no degrees, from all over the world, making serious money online, literally starting from zero.

And that got me so excited that I started to dive into affiliate marketing as a side hustle and try to apply all the different approaches that I heard about.

But the first years I was struggling, getting few small results but not really making any profit. How was that possible? All these people flashing their amazing results, starting with few or no money, making thousands of dollars every single week...there must be something I am missing.

I was following the wrong blueprint.

The breakthrough

Then my mentor showed up, 8-figure Internet entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience, college dropout who started from zero with no money. And my life changed forever.

He taught me to approach my online business holistically, not transactionally as most gurus were talking about in the industry.

He guided me to build the right mindset, completely changed my belief system about goals, about money, about what is possible to achieve in life.

Provided me with the fundamental toolset to strategise my business for maximum success.

Delivered the most complete trainings that I ever found online, premium content (you can find it here).

As a natural consequence of following the right blueprint I started making real profit, I was finally in business chasing my dream life.

Big 💰 With Affiliate Marketing!